Announcing the Results: Meet the Winner

Awarding $300,000 to advance carbon neutrality for the University of Pittsburgh community.

About this Challenge
The University of Pittsburgh’s sustainability journey is focused on balancing equity, environment, and economics so current and future generations can thrive. Keeping this in focus, Pitt has active sustainability efforts and initiatives across disciplines, domains, and scales — including pursuing carbon neutrality by 2037. To help take our work to the next level, the Pitt Sustainability Challenge will award $300,000 to an integrated, impactful, durable, and feasible solution to advance carbon neutrality with lasting benefits for the Pitt community.
How to Participate
Familiarize yourself with how to participate in this Challenge and submit your best idea. Email us with questions.

Review the Challenge website to confirm your eligibility and ensure your solution is a strong fit for the Pitt Sustainability Challenge.


Register for the Pitt Sustainability Challenge by Wednesday, March 8, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time to be eligible to submit an application.


Complete and submit your application no later than Wednesday, April 5 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time.


Each valid application will be scored by five Evaluation Panel judges. Scores are normalized to ensure fairness.

Finalist Preparation

Informed by Evaluation Panel results, Pitt will review top-scoring submissions and select up to five (5) Finalists who will have several months to strengthen their proposals and prepare for an in-person pitch event in September 2023.

Award Selection

Finalists will publicly present their ideas to the Selection Committee, which will recommend the final recipient of the $300,000 grant.

Questions & Answers
Get answers to the top questions about this opportunity. See the full FAQ page for more.
What is the Pitt Sustainability Challenge?
Who can participate?
What types of projects are you looking for?
How do I apply?
How will submissions be assessed?
How can we use the Pitt Sustainability Challenge award?
How do I sign up to receive competition correspondence (i.e., deadline reminders and application status updates)?
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