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CO2IReduce (Control, Inform, Influence, and Reduce)

About the Project

Buildings are significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions at Pitt. As highlighted by Pitt’s Climate Action goal, Pitt recognizes that reducing building-related emissions is pivotal to achieving a carbon neutral future. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of Pitt buildings are energy efficient -- and leveraging state-of-the-art building energy-efficiency techniques is expensive, as it requires installing new equipment.

Our project focuses on empowering the Pitt community to become an informed changemaker to drive building efficiency by providing insights into their carbon footprint. We propose a personalized dashboard (relevant to the individual) to increase transparency and demonstrate how individuals can use space efficiently and reduce emissions. We will collect data and direct individuals (suggest actions) in implementing fact-based, efficient space usage. A key outcome of our project is to provide a scalable solution that makes even the least efficient buildings more efficient, especially when compared with new buildings or vast renovations.

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