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University of Pittsburgh Johnstown

UPJ Geothermal Tunnels Feasibility Study

About the Project

The intended outcomes for this Pitt-Johnstown geothermal feasibility study include identifying measures to benefit the regional community, reducing energy consumption and serving as a model project for large-scale geothermal projects. Partners: Apex Companies and H.F. Lenz both hire Pitt alumni at their firms. This experienced team has knowledge of the campus and community. The partners will complete the feasibility study and project management plan to utilize the existing tunnels as a geothermal heating and cooling source. The solution will tie together campus-wide systems effectively. The campus’s current electricity consumption alone is trending 60-70% above budget allocations this year. A sustainable solution is needed. This project will also result in tax credit savings. Geothermal heating and cooling will serve the campus and its students by resolving system issues concerning the physical plant. The project serves UPJ supporters by stewarding the campus’ natural setting, revenue, and assets in the most responsible manner.

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