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Panther Tracks: A Path to a Zero Emission Transportation

About the Project

Commuting travel represented 16.4% of Pitt’s greenhouse gas emissions in FY19. Due to Pitt’s size, geographic pull, and lack of nearby affordable housing, many community members live outside the reach of reasonable public transit connections. Until major changes take place in the fabric of urban design, these community members will rely on personal transportation to arrive at campus.

Our project’s aim is to facilitate regional transportation decarbonization, leveraging the physical places that University of Pittsburgh controls (parking garages, lots, adjacent buildings, etc.) to support the transition of single occupancy vehicles, shuttles, shared use vehicles, and micromobility to zero emissions. We will use the project budget to deliver two solutions:

  1. A comprehensive decision-making and prioritization plan for short, medium and long-term investment
  2. A pilot project to engage all stakeholders and set the groundwork for future expansion.

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