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Ecotone Renewables

Ecotone Renewables’ Anaerobic Digestion Technology

About the Project

Excessive food waste and dying soils are having a profoundly negative global impact (notably extreme atmospheric carbon levels), but also expanding landfills, less healthy plant life, and a weakened soil microbiome that mirrors the current dire state of human health.

Placement of Ecotone Renewables’ owned and operated ZEUS anaerobic digesters on or near Pitt’s campuses addresses these issues by processing 10 tons of food waste and diverting 120 tons CO2e per system per year, aiding Pitt’s mission to achieve carbon neutrality by 2037. This waste will be converted into 2,600 gallons of Soil Sauce, a ready-to-use, ultra-clean, nutrient-microbial-rich fertilizer. This fertilizer will support Pitt’s expanding garden and tree cover infrastructure by improving the vitality of green roofs; increasing edible garden yields by 34%; and increasing campus tree and plant life's ability to capture carbon -- putting it back in the land rather than the atmosphere. Walking campus grounds, people will literally be able to breathe more easily.

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